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Over to you! How will you enjoy your mead? There are many delicious possibilities..

Meads are perfect with a cheese platter. They make a great after dinner drink. Sweeter meads, lightly chilled, are delicious with dessert (if you’re a foodie or mixologist, why not try mead as the mystery ingredient in your next masterpiece!)

For a traditional mead experience, you’ve got to try a mulled mead – add a few of your favourite spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves or ginger work well) to your mead and warm (mull) it gently. Pour into a warmed glass or traditional pottery mead beaker. Add some candlelight or firelight, some great company (or a good book or movie!)… and relax!

The dry mead was utterly fascinating but the traditional mead was my favourite especially the mulled mead. Very special. Jan Diamond

…thanks for a great bottle of Mead Sue Buchan

…My parents bought a bottle recently while on holidays and i wish they bought a carton!! Highly recommend if you’re down that way!! Marissa Hudson



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KING HARALD’S RESERVE MEAD 750ml. $32.00 plus postage

King Harald’s Reserve is our traditional-style sweet mead. Its mellow honeyed flavour evokes the golden age of mead drinking, which may have reached its peak during the reigns of the last Anglo Saxon king of England, Harold, and his Viking foe, King Harald of Norway, around the year 1066. It’s the kind of richly satisfying mead that’s perfect with dessert or a cheese platter, or for a special treat, enjoy it mulled (heated with spices – try cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves). Free Mulling Recipe and Instructions are included with your purchase. 10.4% alc/vol. Approx. 6.2 standard drinks. Preservative (220) added. Product of Australia. Contains honey.


WHITE MALLEE MEAD 750ml $28.00 plus postage

This delicious semi-sweet mead is made with honey from the famed Mallee trees of north-western Victoria. It has subtle citrus/pineapple flavours, underpinned by subtle woody vanilla notes. It’s a really versatile mead, equally delicious lightly chilled with a meal or a cheese platter, or warmed with spices as a mulled mead. Its delicate honeyed charms satisfy most mead enthusiasts, as well as those just venturing into the world of honey wine. Enjoy lightly chilled. Made from honey. 11.8 % Alc/Vol. Approx. 7 standard drinks. Preservative (220) added. Product of Australia.


‘ERIK THE RED’ FORTIFIED MEAD 375ml $22.00 plus postage

Our grape and honey wines are a great introduction to mead for the red wine enthusiast. Explore the exciting combination of red wine grapes and fragrant honey in this robust fortified, named after the legendary Viking adventurer and explorer Erik (or Eirik) the Red who, according to ancient sagas, discovered and named Greenland in 982 AD. Made from honey, grapes and grape spirits. Contains preservative (220). 19% alcohol/volume. Approximately 5.6 standard drinks.


‘BLUEY’ RED 750ml $28.00 plus postage

Most people have known a redhead nicknamed Bluey at one time or another. Our ‘bluey’ (named in memory of our old blue heeler dog) is a slightly sweet, yet robust red, made from a blend of cabernet and shiraz grapes and honey. Distinctive, full of character and easy to drink, ‘bluey’ is one of our most popular reds. 13.7% alc/vol. Approx. 8.1 standard drinks. Made from grapes and honey. Preservative (220) added.


SHIRAZ 750ml $25.00 plus postage

A lighter style shiraz with delicate spice notes. 13.1% alc/vol. Approx. 7.75 standard drinks. Preservative (220) added. Product of Australia.


BARBERA 750ml $28.00 plus postage

Barbera is an ancient Northern Italian red grape variety, now gaining popularity in Australia. Our 2012 Barbera is a dry, lightly oaked wine with intense fruit flavours, including ripe cherries and orange peel, enriched by a hint of dark chocolate. 14.8% alc/vol. Approx. 8.75 standard drinks. Made from grapes. Preservative (220) added.



Beehive Cup. $28.00 plus postage

Handmade in our Womboota, NSW studio by third generation potter, Kate, this honey-coloured cup is made from durable high-fired stoneware clay. It’s decorated with a delicate freehand drawing of traditional bee skep hives. Perfect for your mead – or your daily coffee! Size: approx. 80 x 95mm, holds at least 250ml. Please note: each cup is handcrafted and unique so your cup may differ slightly from the cup shown in the photograph.


Mead Beaker, mediaeval style thumbprint design. $28.00 plus postage

Our stoneware mead and wine beakers are handcrafted in our pottery studio in Womboota NSW, by third generation potter, Kate. The beakers have a traditional mediaeval style “thumbprint” base and a gorgeous iridescent blue-green glaze, reminiscent of the sumptuous jewelled ware of royal palaces. Adds a little extra magic to your mead experience! Size: variable, around 70mm x 80mm Colour: blends of blue/green/purple. Please note: Each beaker is handcrafted and completely unique so though this photo gives a good general idea of the beakers’ appearance, your beaker may differ somewhat in size, shape and colour from those shown in the photograph.




Postage anywhere in Australia for up to 3 bottles.



Postage anywhere in Australia for up to 6 bottles. (please note the consignment may be shipped in 2 boxes)



Standard Flat Rate Postage anywhere in Australia for up to 3 items of pottery



Standard Flat Rate Postage anywhere in Australia for up to 6 items of pottery.



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