Happy Vappu!


Happy Vappu!

Do you really need an excuse to drink mead and eat doughnuts? If you do, Happy Vappu!

Vappu is the Finnish festival celebrating the first day of spring (May 1st in the northern hemisphere). On this day, Finns head outdoors for picnics in the park, and enjoy a traditional mead-based drink (Sima), delicious cardamom-spiced doughnuts (Munkki), crispy fried funnel cakes (Tippaleipa),  and much merriment! Sounds like a great idea. Who says we can’t have another doughnut day?!!?

Holding your own spring picnic in the garden at home could be fun for the whole family. Order in some doughnuts – or try your hand at making your own munkki and tippaleipa!



Serve with mead (you know where to get that! https://atomic-temporary-116942305.wpcomstaging.com/online-store-2/) and (for the kids) lemonade, in place of the traditional Sima (a low-alcohol honey mead traditionally flavoured with lemon).

Decorate the table or picnic blanket lavishly with fresh flowers and foliage, Finnish flags and paper streamers, and enjoy!!!