Springtime in Womboota

With plenty of sunshine and just enough rain, this spring has been a good one in Womboota. Our cellar door garden has been full of busy bees making the most of the fragrant blossoms. It’s a great time to pack a picnic and your camera and set out for a trip to Womboota. Maybe start with a drive along the Perricoota Rd to our cellar door, and enjoy the sights of the season along the way. Break your journey at our cellar door with some mead tasting or a cuppa, or treat yourself to a special piece of pottery from Kate’s pottery studio beside the cellar door.

And then, refreshed and ready for adventure, why not travel a little further and explore some more of our local touring route (the Backroads Trail). Wide horizons, the open road, and plenty of fresh country air! You may see hay-baling in full swing, new lambs in the paddocks, or rows of colourful bee boxes wherever there’s crops to be pollinated or nectar to be gathered for the new season’s honey!